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Diki Dewanto
• 1985 - 2015 •
'coz web is art, technology, fashion, typography, beneficial, design, and fun!
Bandung - Indonesia
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About Me

"Stay foolish, and stay hungry.."

Contact Me

  • Email : i@dikidewanto.com
  • Phone : +62812 9702 7477 (WhatsApp)
  • GitHub : dikidewanto
  • Blackberry Messenger PIN : 75C580CE
  • Ask.fm : dikidewanto
  • Kik : dikdiewanto
  • Line Messenger : dikidewanto
  • Twitter : @dikidewanto
  • Facebook : diki.dewanto
  • Google+ : diki dewanto
  • snap : diki dewanto

About Me

(Strengths & Weakness)

Hi, If you ever meet someone who addicted about something like design, skateboarding scene, vintage car, vintage motorbike, or about web programming, web design, mobile technology, pretty girl, fruit salad, cigarette, etc.. that's me.. seems like ordinary people.. have a passion in life to develop some interest things.. people usually know me as front-end web development and traveler.. but at the past, I work as IT Development, build web base academic system in some of private university, develop human resources management system, implement some framework network system, security system like CCTV, firewall, access control, and also configuration IP phone network as we know it PBX, and so on.. I dont know why they trust me to do that..

Basically I work in front of computer, maybe only 30% / day meet people to talk, so this is my english hehee.. :D I spend my money to go to other places (traveler), usually I always capture a moments with photography, create some footage video, or just enjoy every moments that I see in other city or country then I publish as work report to online media for sharing moments.. thats me..


as long as I breathe until today.. #thanksGod
Kindergarten (1990 - 1991)
TK Tawekal Bandung.
Elementary School (1991 - 1997)
SDN Cibeureum 1 Bandung.
Junior High School (1997 - 2000)
SMPN 21 Bandung.
Senior High School (2000 - 2003)
SMA BPI 1 Bandung.
Diploma Degree(2003 - 2007)
Management Informatika STMIK PASIM, Bandung.
Work as Freelancer (2006)
Work as Trader / Broker (2006 - 2007)
PT Monex, PT Valbury, Bandung.
Work as Junior Web Developer (2007 - 2008)
PT Wahana Artha Hadijaya, Bandung.
Work as IT Developer (2008 - 2011)
PT Multimedia Solusi Prima, Bandung.
Work as IT Developer (2012 - 2014)
Tanri Abeng University, Jakarta.
Bachelor Degree(2013 - 2016 (expected))
Informatic Engineering Tanri Abeng University, Jakarta.
Hello world in 1985, february 02.
10 years
Football Maniac..
20 years
Skateboarding every day!
30 years
Get Married!
100 year old

Side Job

I like to create or develop something new, I usually do all the things that produce such as :
  • develop new website / online store
  • web design for company profile
  • ERP for retail
  • hotels information system
  • display TV information system
  • android application.
  • Portal for education
  • e-learning for institution development
  • etc.



My scope of work is more inclined in the world of Information Technology (web base technology). from 2007 I have been working on as a junior programmer. after work in 1 years, at 2008 I switched to the IT consultant company, so I develop and explore my skill in here. after 3 years working in the IT consultant I break to another point of view, I do some business outside of the information technology. and then along with time, I'd work again in an new educational institution to be an IT Developer and online marketing in jakarta.

Work Experience Expertise :
  • As an IT support, I'm support all departement such as Academic, Marketing, HR, Facilities, security, etc.
  • I develop online academic system, website institution, online entry test, and human resource management system.
  • I manage and configure data-center prototype such as university server, webmail, ISP, gateway, database, datawarehouse, etc.
  • I manage internal IT infrastructure, budget planning for IT development every years, and also planning hardware reqruitment such as server specification, routerboard, projector, sound system, network design, node wifi every class room in campus building and also node at every room in rectorat building.
  • I manage and configure PABX IP phone, Online CCTV, Attandance System, etc. (work team with technician & facilities departement)
  • I manage content for website, EDP for academic system, manage user for wifi, manage bandwidth per user for wifi.
  • I'm develop e-library, create computer lab with client server scheme base with iMac lab.
  • I do online marketing with marketing departement, develop marketing strategy base with IT strategic plan.
  • all the jobs listed above is for implements IT blue print university for 2012 - 2016 that I've created and applied. (recomended from IT consultant)
PT Multimedia Solusi Prima (2008 - 2011)
  • I develop application base on project.
  • Team work development about website, SME application, Hospital Information System, Academic System, Network Monitoring System, Client Server Application for Cellphone provider, website goverment, etc.
  • work scope about front-end development, back-end development, webservices, API, SOAP, design, analyst, and SOA Development concept.
  • I learn so many technology such as explore more of PHP, knowing more about MYSQL, ORACLE, and then firstime meet java, soap, web service with API development, explore linux, macintosh, windows, etc.
PT Wahana Artha Hadijaya (2007 - 2008)
  • Firstime I work as web developer, develop web advertising, learning about web development and online marketing.
PT Monex, PT Valbury (2007)
  • I work in finance investment company as trader Forex and Index.
  • Freelancer database programmer at Human resource Departement. (MySQL, Ms.Access).
  • Create coal database level.